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  1. cEvery1 is new of 2016 and with the goal to cover the whole world and for huge, exciting projects, we need people to join us in huge numbers and in numerous roles. Hence, we do not advertise for any positions in specific but highly value that you contact us to discuss what opportunities exists.

Working hours and place

  1. We believe in freedom to choose yourself how many hours you work when and also from where. As an example, much of our work can be done in combination with travelling the world, something all human beings should get the chance to do to the extent they wish.

Renumeration and benefits

  1. We believe in freedom from slavery and that all human beings should work because they feel for it, not because they have to. We also believe in equal pay for all types of work and independent of background, gender, nationality, etc. If you are able to do the work needed in a satisfactory manner you should get paid for your time spent doing it. And if you struggle with anything you wish to do we will train you.
  2. As most human beings are underpaid and therefore struggle with their financial situation in life - or their lack of spare time - we believe we all should be paid more than well, so that we can truely work for the pleasure of working, and with what really excites us.
  3. The exact hourly rate each of us will get paid will depend on the company's overall economy, your contribution to generated wealth, and what cost region of the world you spend your time in. A normal 6 hour day, 200 days a year (giving about 8 weeks holiday per year) should - when you have settled into the work and we have built up a solid enough financial base in your region - give you a renumeration of 1,5 times the average wage in the country you spend your time in. If you spend your time in different cost regions, your renumeration will change accordingly. All of us will have working hours accounts that means that any unpaid working hours will be paid out at earliest possible payment date.
  4. In the event that we start up in a new country where we have no business from before, people engaged working for us will have to contribute to get business generated enough for us to be able to pay out renumeration. Each country and business within will be treated as separate entities. Once we have enough business generated within one entity to start paying renumeration, the first hours worked will be paid out first etc.
  5. In cEvery1 we believe in the pleasure of sharing instead of owning and as a employee you will get access to many benefits that we as a company and as colleagues own or rent from the market. Also, we will arrange for insurance programs which financially or otherwise makes your life easier in situations like illnesses, parenthood, child births, etc.


Non-profit organisation

  1. In cEvery1 we believe in our higher purpose and goals and as such to gain profit is just a means of getting there, not a purpose for existance by itself. That does not mean that we are not geared for highest profits but only in ways which do not come into conflict with our higher purpose and goals.

Your profile

  1. If you are interested in working with us we would like you to send us a mail with a good facial photo of yourself (colours, high resolution) and with your input to the following points:
  1. Your name:
  2. Your purpose in life as you see it:
  3. The country you were born in:
  4. What - if any particular - country/countries you will be working in/for:
  5. Your language(s) spoken:
  6. Formal education:
  7. Work experience (work titles only - big or small jobs - listed alphabetically):
  8. What you love in Life (listed randomly):
  9. Your personal motto in Life:
  10. Your favorite quote (and who said/wrote it):
  11. Desired role in cEvery1:
  1. Please note that the above information will - also for safety reasons - only be shared with other colleagues of cEvery1, so that the external focus is on our organisation, our database and our projects - not on us as individuals.
  2. English will be our working language both inside and outside the organisation. For this reason we wish to monitor and train all our employees in the English language. This will also be in line with our goal to unite the world with the use of a common language. We would therefore like you to complete this free online English test and sending us your results.
  3. Corruption is a phenomena which unfortunately exists in all parts of the world and which can strongly harm us both as individuals and as an organisation. Therefore we wish for all employees to undergo annual anti-corruption training and to achieve the certificate for having successfully passed the training. Please save your certificate in pdf-format and send it to us in a mail.

Country Representatives

  1. If you have been engaged as a Country Representative we will expect you to be our main responsible for our activities inside and towards the country/countries that you have been set to represent, including to:
  1. Follow the statutes, principles and guidelines of cEvery1 as set out within this website (
  2. Maintain their country-specific cEvery1 page
  3. Keep up to date with our cEvery1 activities elsewhere in the world by being electronically linked to all ongoing work internally
  4. Your role as a country representative will - also for safety reasons - only be shared with other colleagues of cEvery1, so that the external focus is on our organisation, our database and our projects, not on us as individuals.
  5. If & when needed and then as agreed with us first: Establish a formal company/organisation (with our agreement and help) within the country when needed - as subsidiaries to our main organisation in Norway, and further daughter companies/organisations when needed
  6. Run the same company(ies)/organisation(s) in an optimised way, including hiring colleagues when needed
  7. Hire and manage all cEvery1 City Representatives within the country

City Representatives

  1. If you have been engaged as a City Representative you will report to our Country Representative (see above) and we will expect you to be our main responsible for our activities inside and towards the city that you have been set to represent. Your role as a city representative will - also for safety reasons - only be shared with other colleagues of cEvery1, so that the external focus is on our organisation, our database and our projects, not on us as individuals.

City Disctrict Representative

  1. If you hav been engaged as a City District Representative you will report to our City Representative and we will expect you to be our main responsible for our activities inside and towards the city district that you have been set to represent. Your role as a city district representative will - also for safety reasons - only be shared with other colleagues of cEvery1, so that the external focus is on our organisation, our database and our projects, not on us as individuals.

Working platform

  1. In cEvery1 we strive to make an inclusive, safe, lifelong, holistic, ideal, global, non-profit, free, advertisement-free, non-religious, non-political database network via internet available to all individuals and organisations/companies, that will revolutionise the ease of doing all things in life in business and pleasure, with a quality higher than experienced elsewhere, uplifting and unifying for everyone.
  2. While we wait for our own cEvery1 database to be implemented (which we then also will use as our own operating system) we will be using a professional, global, off-the-shelf, virtual, collabroation solution where all our employees and others (network members, supporters, partners, suppliers, customers, authorities, etc) can link up (free-of-charge, of course - we have paid a total subscription which requires no further payents from our network participants) directly with each other and work via for all administration, projects, concept building, etc. As soon as we have processed your wish to work with us (ref. point 11 above) we will include you in all this and make sure you get settled in as you wish and in a way which gives highest synergy for all of us and cEvery1 as a whole.

Non-profit engagement

  1. We encourage all our employees to take initiative to join one or more of our projects in a country close to your heart (virtually or physically present) at any time, and arranged via your internal cEvery1 contact for best coordination.
  2. We are a so-called social enterprise (non-profit organisation but we still want to optimise our profits) as this will give us the best means of building a bigger customer base and better products and services - in a way that serves our higher goals. Our employees are free to run all sorts of profit-making activities that are in line with and supports these higher goals and that increases people's awareness and positive interest towards our organisation. Examples (listed alphabetically) can be:
  • Activation programs for elderly, youth, unemployed, single mothers and handicapped
  • Asset management
  • Car sharing
  • Childcare
  • Community care programs
  • Courses
  • Education
  • Exhibitions
  • Farming
  • Festivals
  • Healthcare
  • Home-services to elderly or handicapped
  • Hotel management
  • Restaurant management
  • House construction and maintenance
  • Manufacturing
  • Personal assistance
  • Project management
  • Retailing of goods
  • Selling services
  • Sport and training service
  • Transport services
  • Travelling services
  1. cEvery1 will build cEvery1 branding concepts that will support and market such activities for the best local and global synergies where employees' and members initiatives can be given statuses like 'An cEvery1 operation' or 'An approved cEvery1 operation'. Details of this will be made in the coming months.
  2. We do not worry about competition; either competing actors are so good we should join them or cooperate with them or if they will not let us we should leave them alone and carry on with our own building of the world's best cooperative network.

Religion and politics

  1. The fact that we are a non-religious and non-political organisation having a non-religious and non-political database and non-religious and non-political projects does not mean that we do not care and do not engage in issues regarding human rights.
  2. Although we believe in giving people the right motivation in life, we also believe in the importance of giving people consequences for all their actions. In cases of breaching the fundamental human rights - in the presence or in the past - such consequenses will include reporting such breaches to appropriate international bodies (such as United Nations). Such bodies will then be expected to follow up such reported breaches with acts to achieve legal prosecusion in the appropriate national or international courts where needed. We in cEvery1 are not expected to do any such legal or otherwise follow up ourselves.
  3. As a non-religious and non-political organisation, however, we in cEvery1 believe that we as colleagues and individual representatives of cEvery1 - for the best effect but also for each of us and our personal safety in this world - should avoid getting personally involved in fighting such breaches and instead use our organisation, our network, our database and our projects to fight such breaches in a non-confrontal, constructive manner.
  4. With today's harsh both physical and virtual environment, advanced monitoring is constantly carried out by religious, political or militant regimes to hinder individuals to attack or critisise their wrongdoing. Hence, we believe in the effect and the power of an organisation like United Nations to handle such breaches and such actors more than highly vulnerable individuals within the cEvery1 network.
  5. Hence, we strongly encourage everyone who wish to fight any breaches of fundamental human rights to do so by joining cEvery1 instead of running their own campaigns and fights from their individual couches and private spheres (including any social media) where not only their own safety but also that of their closest family members and friends might be exposed to risks.
  6. To go in a direct, full-frontal battle towards such actors will be very dangerous and can cause much damage to ourselves both as individuls and as an organisation, something we do not wish to see. Instead, we believe that a peaceful way forward (increasing people's knowledge and understanding) will lead to more fruitful changes due to increased consciousness and the uniting and empowerment of people even past the fences of such parties which will lead to desired changes over time.