Gender Equality

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Women make up half the world's population (being 7,4 billion as per May 2016*). Yet both the history and the present show women being held down and out of reach of important decision making to change the world to the better - for themselves, those around them and for everyone.


In cEvery1 we believe the best and most efficient way to change the world to the better is to empower the world's women to learn, appreciate and spread the message of the women's rights as human rights.


In cEvery1 we strive to educate all human beings in the women's rights:


  • Equal voting rights and freedom of expression
  • Equal rights to education
  • Equal rights to jobs and public positions
  • Equal pay
  • Equal rights to children and property
  • Freedom to decide over own body


In addition, we share the belief of UN Women and many many other actors in our world that gender equality is not only a matter for women to engage in, also men have to learn, appreciate and spread the importance of gender equality, also for their benefits. As a good example of what direction we are moving in, please have a look at the movement HeForShe.



* Source: Worldometers