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In the world of internet, much of the information avalable to us human beings have been deliberately twisted to mislead us in our search for truth and understanding.


In cEvery1 we strive to educate all human beings about what sources one can trust more than others, and why.


Below we have collected some of the many sites that we have found to trust more than others and it is our hope that you will find them useful, too.




Global news

  • BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)
  • CNN (Cable News Network)
  • DW (Deutche Welle)
  • Internews (Non-profit organisation)
  • Mic - Rethink the world


Learning for Children


Learning English

  • British Council (much good material, including free online tests - most is for free - available in many languages, also for kids)
  • cEvery1 fun course structure presentation template (please feel free to use for private or business)